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Good Riddance

OT: Les bons débarras

Francis Mankiewicz // Canada, 1979
Fiction Feature // FF2012



13-year old Manon lives with her mother and her mentally handicapped Uncle Guy in a remote house in the woods.The family earn a sparse living selling firewood.Guy is a thorn in the side of Manon, as she often has to look after him.She has no wish to share her mother with anyone or anything and demands all her attention and affection.When he mother tells her that she is expecting a child from her lover, the local police chief, the child’s world starts to go awry.The effects are most of all felt by Guy.The intense psychodrama won the 1981 Prix Génie, one of Canada’s most important film awards, in almost all categories and was perceived as an instant classic upon its release.



Les bons débarras

Fiction Feature


Québec Deluxe//FF2012



116 min


Francis Mankiewicz

Réjean Ducharme

Marie Tifo, Charlotte Laurier, Germain Houde, Louise Marleau, Roger Lebel

Marcia Couëlle, Claude Godbout

Michel Brault

André Corriveau

Bernard Buisson

Michel Proulx

Film Option International

Les Productions Prisma

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