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Randa Chahoud // Germany, 2021
TV Series // FF2021
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Blackmail, mobbing, sex: the daily bread of a celebrity lawyer. Well-known media lawyer Christian Schertz was the inspiration behind the series, which orientates itself towards US series like Boston Legal, Suits or Scandal. Leo Roth (Lavinia Wilson) is Germany’s most successful media lawyer. She moves confidently around the highest circles in Berlin. Her capricious, always power-conscious, sometimes invasive behaviour polarizes, which does her reputation no harm at all. When Leo’s brother-in-law, Berlin’s Interior Senator, gives her the task of preventing his affair with a young colleague getting out, Leo’s well-controlled world begins to falter. FILMFEST HAMBURG is showing the first two parts of this eight-part series by Randa Chahoud and Stefan Bühling.


RANDA CHAHOUD (*1975) studied at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin and received numerous awards for her sci-fi series Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot, among others.



Legal Affairs

TV Series





90 min


Randa Chahoud

Lena Kammermeier, Felice Götze, Christine Heinlein

Lavinia Wilson, Maryam Zaree, Niels Bormann, Aaron Altaras, Michaela Caspar, Stefan Kurt, Jacob Matschenz, Rainer Sellien, Annika Kuhl, Sebastian Hülk, Sophie Rois, Amelie Klein, Helene Grass, Valerie Stoll, Ivan Gallardo, Leonie Rainer, Reiki von Carlowitz, Ana Kavalis, Slavko Popadic, Mersiha Husagic, Johannes B. Kerner, Jörg Pintsch u.a.

Benjamin Benedict, Kristina Henning

Julian Hohndorf

Michael Junge

Adrienne Hudson

David Grabowski, Jonas Nay

Juliane Friedrich

Katrin Unterberger

Cornelia Mareth, Maria Rölcke

Christoph Pellander, Claudia Luzius (ARD Degeto), Martina Zöllner, Kerstin Freels (rbb)

Studio Hamburg

UFA Fiction für Degeto Film

Degeto Film

RBB; Filmförderung MBB

Kristina Henning: Kristina.Henning@ufa.de


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