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The Mirage

OT: Le Mirage

Ricardo Trogi // Canada, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



Patrick runs on the treadmill, he runs and runs. When is he going to finally jump off? In his late 30s, he’s the manager of a sports shop. He has a wife, two children, a large car in his carport, a pool in the garden, friends he can share it all with and a credit card he uses with bravura. But, as much as Patrick keeps fit and polishes the facade of his life – in reality he’s stuck. The constant performance of his life is exhausting, his marriage is an empty shell and he can’t even have an affair properly. When one day the bank turns off the money tap, Patrick’s life pops like a soap bubble. Le Mirage is an intelligent and witty tragicomedy and in Quebec was the second most popular film after Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation.


RICARDO TROGI (*1970) won both critical and commercial acclaim for his first two films Québec-Montréal (2002) and Dodging the Clock (2005). Dodging the Clock also won fourJutra Awards at the Quebec film festival.



Le Mirage

Fiction Feature





102 min

OV with English subtitles

Ricardo Trogi

Louis Morissette & François Avard

Louis Morissette, Julie Perreault, Christine Beaulieu, Patrice Robitaille

Christian Larouche

Jonathan Decoste

Yvann Thibaudeau

Frédéric Bégin

Mario Hervieux

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Christal Films Productions; KO24

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