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Land Of Dreams

OT: Land Of Dreams

Shirin Neshat, Shoja Azari // USA, Germany, Qatar, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



The USA in the near future – a country isolated, where even dreaming is no longer free. Shirin Neshat’s visually stunning portrait of a dystopia which may be nearer than we care to think. Simin (Sheila Vand), an Iranian American, works for the most important government office of the age, the Census Bureau. To understand and control the population better, the government has begun a programme to record the dreams of their citizens. Simin is one of the dream-catchers and travels with her bodyguard (Matt Dillon) across the country – torn between her mission and the sympathy she feels for those whose dreams she is documenting.


SHIRIN NESHAT (*1957) is an Iranian American artist, photographer and film-maker. In 2017, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed her film Looking for Oum Kulthum. SHOJA AZARI (*1957) is an artist and film-maker and works with Shirin Neshat. They both direct their films, including Women Without Men (2009), which won the Silver Lion at Venice.


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Land Of Dreams

Fiction Feature



USA, Germany, Qatar


113 min

OV with German subtitles

Shirin Neshat, Shoja Azari

Jean-Claude Carrière

Sheila Vand, Matt Dillon, William Moseley, Isabella Rossellini, Anna Gunn, Christopher McDonald

Amir Hamz, Sol Tryon, Christian Springer

Ghasem Ebrahimian

Scott Hirsch, Craig Parker, Stefan Chakerian

Mike Selemon

Michael Brook

Rick Gilbert

Negar Ali-Kline

Lina Todd

Cornelia Ackers, Monika Lobkowicz, Carlos Gerstenhauer

Beta Cinema

Bon Voyage Films, Palodeon Pictures LLC, Land of Dreams LLC

Fondazione In Between Art Film

Bayerischer Rundfunk & Arte, Doha Film Institute

Bon Voyage Films: hello@bonvoyage.film


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