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OT: Lamia

Süheyla Schwenk // Germany, 2022
TV Series // FF2022



Who am I and how many? Growing up between two cultures. 25-year old Lamia is doing her Master’s in social work and still lives at home with her Algerian parents in Berlin. Like a lot of young people her age, she only wants one thing: space, to find herself and finish her Master’s in peace. But it’s hard with an overprotective mother and a younger brother and father who are constantly taunting her that she’s an “Alman”. Lamia starts looking for a flat in line with Allah and her identity, which is stuck somewhere between the two cultures. And she realizes that the people around her aren’t in the place they want to be either. Dramedy about the everyday conflicts of a young German woman of Algerian origin


SÜHEYLA SCHWENK (*1985 in Sweden) grew up in Turkey where she studied acting, then direction at the DFFB film school in Berlin.



TV Series

German, Arabic




90 min


Süheyla Schwenk

Sarah Kilter

Amel Charif, Sahra Daugreilh, Husam Chadat, Shadi Eck, Eidin Jalali

David Hadda, Martin Danisch

Albrecht von Grünhagen

Bertin Molz

Gürcan Cansever

Bruno Breitzke

Katja Deutschmann, Marlene Stark

Claudia Karla Koch

Annette Trumel (Frankreich), Turbokultur

Carolin Haasis (ARD), Christoph Pellander (ARD Degeto)

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