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Voice Over

OT: La voz en off

Cristían Jiménez // France, Canada, Chile, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014



Sofia, in her mid-30s, a strict vegetarian and mother of two children, has decided to pull the plug: for one year, she wants to go without mobile phone, Internet and TV in order to “purge” herself. While she’s about it, the unemployed actress also decides to do the same with her marriage and leaves her husband. But the longed-for peace does not ensue. Sofia’s children are obsessed with the idea of eating meat, her nerve-racking sister returns to Chile from Paris. And her father separates from his wife of 35 years – but not without dropping a bombshell of a secret on his unsuspecting family first. Voice Over is both a family drama and a comedy, ingenious, witty and serious.


Cristian Jimenez grew up in Chile and studied sociology at the London School of Economics. His film Bonsai was shown in 2011 at Cannes in the series Un Certain Regard. Voice Over is his third feature film.


La voz en off

Fiction Feature



France, Canada, Chile


98 min

OV with English subtitles

Cristían Jiménez

Cristián Jiménez, Daniel Castro

Ingrid Isensee, María Siebald, Paulina García, Cristián Campos, Niels Schneider, Maite Neira, Lucas Miranda, Shenda Román

Bruno Bettati, Augusto Matte, Nicolas Comeau, Julie Gayet, Nadia Turincev, Cristián Jiménez

Inti Briones

Soledad Salfate

Adam Waito, Eduardo Henríquez & Caroline Chaspoul

Olivier Laberge

Rouge International

Rouge International; Jirafa; 1976 Productions

Nadia Turincev, Rouge International: bienvenus@rouge-international.com

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