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Last Land

OT: La última tierra

Pablo Lamar // Paraguay, Netherlands, Qatar, Chile, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2016
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A man sits by his wife’s deathbed. He looks after her and tries in whispers to calm her. In the early morning, the woman dies and with her the person he has spent his entire life with. Filled with pain, he seeks consolation in practical matters. He digs her grave and washes the body, but such traditional rituals can have no effect on the darkness that overcomes him. The man reacts with a gesture even more radical than death. In long takes and a fascinating sound design, the film tells the story of an emotional earthquake.


Pablo Lamar (*1984) was born in Paraguay and studied film direction at the Universidaddel Cine in Buenos Aires. His short I Hear Your Scream (2008) was nominated for a series of international prizes.The Last Land is his debut feature and won a special jury prize at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.



La última tierra

Fiction Feature

no dialogue


Paraguay, Netherlands, Qatar, Chile


77 min

Pablo Lamar

Pablo Lamar

Ramón del Río, Vera Valdez Barreto

Pablo Lamar, Ilse Hughan, Wiebke Toppel, Dominga Sotomayor

Paolo Girón

Felipe Gálvez

Carlo Spatuzza

Sapukai Cine; Fortuna Films; Cinestación

Wiebke Toppel: wiebketoppel@me.com

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