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The Night of Truth

OT: La nuit de la vérité

Fanta Régina Nacro // France, Burkina Faso, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2005



They accused her uncle of planning a coup d’état, tortured him and barbecued him alive. These are the events that director Fanta Régina Nacro tries to come to terms with in her dramatic debut. Set in an undefined West African country, the film tells the story of two enemy tribes trying to make peace after a long and indescribably brutal civil war. This is an overwhelming portrait of human cruelty.



La nuit de la vérité

Fiction Feature

French, Moore, Dyula


France, Burkina Faso


100 min


Fanta Régina Nacro

Fanta Régina Nacro, Marc Gautron

Naky Sy Savane, Moussa Cissé, Georgette Paré, Amada Ouedraougo

Claire-Agnès Lajoumard, Fanta Régina Nacro

Nara Keo Kosal

Andrée Davanture

Troupe Naba Yaadega, Sami Rama

Bill Mamadou Traoré

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