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Dog Lady

OT: La mujer de los perros

Laura Citarella, Verónica Llinás // Argentina, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



A woman with no name lives with a pack of dogs in quiet, self-imposed exile in the pampa on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Almost without words, this quiet film observes the hermit over the course of the four seasons, as she repairs her ramshackle hut in the woods, moves through the landscape, looks for food and occasionally steals it. And how she makes the occasional foray into the city, but with as little contact to other human beings as possible. Dog Lady is an impressive study of an autonomous woman which doesn’t attempt to explain anything and lets its protagonist keep her secret.



La mujer de los perros

Fiction Feature





95 min

OV with English subtitles

Laura Citarella, Verónica Llinás

Laura Citarella, Verónica Llinás

Verónica Llinás, Juliana Muras, Germán de Silva, Juana Zalazar

Laura Citarella, Mariano Llinás

Soledad Rodriguez

Ignacio Masllorens

Juana Molina

Laura Caligiuri, Florencia Caligiuri

El Pampero Cine, Buenos Aires

El Pampero Cine

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