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Ice and the Sky

OT: La glace et le ciel

Luc Jacquet // France, 2015
Documentary Feature // FF2015
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Claude Lorius was one of the first people to study the ice in Antarctic – and to show that the Earth was heating up and the ice melting. Using hitherto unseen archive footage, the film tells the story of the French polar scientist, who is still today at the age of 80 fighting with undiminished passion to save one of the Earth’s greatest ecosystems. Lorius‘ mission began in 1957 with the first of many expeditions. His ice core drilling, which later extended to a depth of 3600m, supplied transcripts of hundreds of thousands of years of climatic history. They are the basis for everything we know today about the Antarctic. Ice and the Sky is a visually stunning scientific adventure and a moving testament to an untiring champion of climate protection.


LUC JACQUET (*1967) gained worldwide fame in 2005 with his Oscar®-winning documentary March of the Penguins. This was followed by the equally successful feature-length documentaries The Fox and the Child (2007) and Once Upon a Forest (2013). Ice and the Sky closed this year's festival in Cannes.



La glace et le ciel

Documentary Feature


58 , 6//FF2015



89 min

OV with German subtitles

Luc Jacquet

Luc Jacquet

Claude Lorius

Richard Grandpierre

Stéphane Martin

Stéphane Mazalaigue

Cyrille Aufort

Weltkino Filmverleih GmbH

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