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The Secret Formula

OT: La fórmula Secreta

Rubén Gámez // Mexico, 1965
Documentary Feature // FF2016



Surreal and anarchic, a furious delirium of images: a chain of sausages roams the land throttling people, Coca Cola is injected intravenously, farmers stand stiffly in an empty landscape. The film confronts national myths and economic colonialism – a spectacular statement against the Mexican film industry in the 1960s and the melodrama genre that dominated it. The Secret Formula: a formula against the mainstream and the simpering of sympathy cinema. In the “first competition for experimental film” organized by the cinematic trade union in 1965, the film won in almost every category.


Rubén Gamez (*1928; †2002) was aphotographer in advertising and an active trade union member, who from the1950s onwards revolutionized the aesthetics of Mexican advertising with his commercials and trailers. The Secret Formula is seen as a turning point in Mexican film history.


La fórmula Secreta

Documentary Feature





45 min

OV with English subtitles

Rubén Gámez

Santos Núñez

Pilar Islas, José Castillo, José Tirado, Pablo Balderas, José Gonzalez, Fernando Rosales, Leonor Islas, Francisco Corona, Guadalupe Arriaga, José M. Delgado

Salvador Lopez

Segismundo Pérez de Pedro, Salvador Gijón, Rubén Gamez

Rubén Gamez, Daniel Rubio, Antonio Pérez Olea

Antonio Vivaldi, Igor Stravinsky, Leobardo Velazquez

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