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OT: La cifra impar

Manuel Antin // Argentina, 1962
Fiction Feature // FF2010



Two brothers quarrel for the love of a woman. One of them falls ill and dies; the other one marries her. The couple relocates to Paris running away from his reproaching mother. Nevertheless, she writes them letters bringing up the dead brother as if he were alive. The couple’s relationship becomes unsustainable. Finally, the mother announces that the dead brother, who is supposedly living with her, will travel to Paris. The couple separately decides to meet him. It has been so long since they’ve lived with this third body in the midst of them.


Manuel Antin (*1926)was director of the Argentinian Cinemathekand founder of the Cine University. Between1962 and 1980 he directed 10 feature films.


La cifra impar

Fiction Feature


Argentinien Deluxe//FF2010



85 min


Manuel Antin

Manuel Antin, Antonio Ripoll

Lautaro Murúa, María Rosa Gallo, Sergio Renán, Milagros de la Vega

Axel Pauls

Ignacio Souto

Antonio Ripoll

Virtú Maragno

Federico Padilla


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