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OT: Kurze Ecke

Bernd Schoch // Germany, 2014
Documentary Feature // FF2014
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Documentary: As Helga always says: “Kids, drink in moderation, but frequently.” 25 years ago, she took over the bar Kurze Ecke from her late husband. The corner pub has long since ceased to fit in with the polished image of Hamburg’s Großneumarkt area. The same can be said of its clientele: workers, ex-seamen and pensioners. Today is General Election day. The film documents events in the bar from 9am until the results are announced. Smoke, drink, debate. Some play dice for washing powder and wurst. Then it’s time for the first exit polls, let’s just hope the TV works. Kurze Ecke is a reminiscence ahead of its time in a place that won’t exist for much longer.


BERND SCHOCH (*1971) won several awards for his film Aber das Wort Hund bellt ja nicht [But the Word Dog Doesn’t Bark] (2011). In 2014, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed his portrait of a pub Kurze Ecke. Since 2019, he has taught Documentary Film at the Hamburg University of the Fine Arts.



Kurze Ecke

Documentary Feature





95 min


Bernd Schoch

Helga Jahnke

Bernd Schoch

Karsten Krause

Bernd Schoch

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

Bernd Schoch: burntbernd@gmx.de

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