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Kurz und Schmerzlos

OT: Kurz und Schmerzlos

Fatih Akin // Germany, 1998
Fiction Feature // FF2020



In his brilliant debut, Fatih Akin brought the American gang film to Hamburg. 22 years after its premiere at FILMFEST HAMBURG Kurz und schmerzlos returns in a restored print. The three friends Gabriel (Mehmet Kurtuluş), Bobby (Aleksandar Jovanović) and Costa (Adam Bousdoukos) go through thick and thin together and feel like the kings of Hamburg‘s red light district. After a spell in prison, Gabriel wants to go straight and starts working as a taxi driver – while Costa is still breaking into cars and Bobby has got involved with the Albanian godfather Muhamer (Ralph Herforth). The first big job that Bobby does for Muhamer goes badly wrong and the situation escalates.


FATIH AKIN (*1973 in Hamburg) is one of Germany’s most successful and internationally recognized directors. His fourth film Gegen die Wand won the Golden Bear in 2004, along with the German and European Film Prizes. Auf der anderen Seite ran in competition at Cannes in 2005 and won the award for best screenplay. FILMFEST HAMBURG has shown several of Akin’s films, including Soul Kitchen (2009) and The Cut (2014) and in 2014 awarded him the Douglas Sirk Prize.


Kurz und Schmerzlos

Fiction Feature


Große Freiheit//FF2020



100 min


Fatih Akin

Fatih Akin

Mehmet Kurtuluş, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Adam Bousdoukos, Regula Grauwiller, Idil Üner, Ralph Herforth

Stefan Schubert, Ralph Schwingel

Frank Barbian

Andrew Bird

Ulrich Kodjo Wendt

Daniel Blum

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