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Whether the Weather is Fine

OT: Kun maupay man it panahon

Carlo Francisco Manatad // France, Germany, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



The odyssey of three people in the aftermath of a flood becomes a visually impressive vision of a post-catastrophic world. Miguel awakes in the debris left by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Torn between feelings for his girlfriend Andrea and attachment to his mother Norma, neither of whom can stand each other, he sets out to find a passage to Manila. Lawless religious fanatics and desperate survivors populate the apocalyptic landscape of the film, which is like a warning against the future – behind the surreal redemption fantasies and musical interludes, the next storm is already on the way.


CARLO FRANCISCO MANATAD (*1987) is a Philippino film-maker. Whether the Weather is Fine is his debut feature and was shown at Locarno in the Cineasti del presente competition.


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Kun maupay man it panahon

Fiction Feature

Asia Express//FF2021

France, Germany, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar


104 min

OV with English subtitles

Carlo Francisco Manatad

Giancarlo Abrahan V, Carlo Francisco Manatad, Jeremie Dubois

Charo Santos-Concio, Daniel Padilla, Rans Rifol

Armi Rae Cacanindin, Josabeth Alonso, Vincent Wang

Lim Teck Siang

Roman Dymny

Benjo Ferrer III

Andrew Florentino

Whammy Alcazaren

Thesa Tang


Cinematografica Films; planc.; House on Fire; Quantum Films

IWantTFC; Dreamscape Entertainment; Globe Studios; Blacksheep; AAND Company; KawanKawan Media; Weydemann Bros.; CMB Films / Ling Tiong, Yulia Evina Bhara, Jonas Weydemann

Jing Xu, Rediance Films: jing@rediancefilms.com


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