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OT: Kuessipan

Myriam Verreault // Canada, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2020
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A declaration of love to Quebec‘s Innu community: the adaptation of the eponymous novel is a humorous and moving coming-of-age story between the traditional and the modern. Mikuan and Shaniss are growing up together in a Innu community in Quebec. The girls have been best friends for ever and sworn to always be there for one another. But with puberty come the problems and the first love. Mikuan would like to free herself from the shackles of her origin and dreams of a life outside the reservation – of education and her boyfriend. The friendship suffers, as does the relationship between Mikuan to her family.


MYRIAM VERREAULT (*1979) studied journalism, history and film and works as a director, screenplay writer, producer and editor. After her well-received debut West of Pluto (2019) Kuessipan is her second film.




Fiction Feature

French, English, Innu




117 min

OV with English subtitles

Myriam Verreault

Naomi Fontaine, Myriam Verreault

Sharon Ishpatao Fontaine, Yamie Grégoire, Étienne Galloy, Cédrick Ambroise, Mike Innu Papu Mckenzie, Brigitte Poupart

Félize Frappier

Nicolas Canniccioni

Frédéric Cloutier, Stephen De Oliveira

Amélie Labrèche, Sophie Leblond, Myriam Verreault

Louis-Jean Cormier

Joëlle Péloquin

Marjolayne Desrosiers, Laurie-Anne Viens

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