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Klarsfeld: A Love Story

OT: Klarsfeld: A Love Story

Mike Lerner, Martin Herring // United Kingdom, 2022
Documentary Feature // FF2022



DOCUMENTARY Two lives long against fascism: Beate and Serge Klarsfeld are still fighting for a strong democracy. »Kiesinger, Nazi, resign!« shouts a 29-year old woman in 1968 at the German Chancellor in the parliament in Bonn. A few months later, Beate Klarsfeld slaps the former Nazi party member in public. In Paris she meets Serge, a Jewish lawyer and historian, and they fell in love. Together, the pair hunt down Nazis and hand them over to the authorities. In a mosaic of archive material and contemporary testimony, the film makes clear why the Klarsfelds not only deserve a significant place in German post-war history, but also in a present still threatened by right-wing extremism.



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Oscar-nominated MIKE LERNER has been making documentaries since 1988 and many of his films have been shown at festivals. MARTIN HERRING has worked as a director for 30 years. Klarsfeld is celebrating its world premiere at FILMFEST HAMBURG.


Klarsfeld: A Love Story

Documentary Feature



United Kingdom


90 min

OV with German subtitles

Mike Lerner, Martin Herring

Mike Lerner, Martin Herring

Martin Herring, Thim Naccache, Claire Billet, Jean-Luc Léon, Sylvie Faguer, Lesley Knott, Mike Tucker, Richard Gillespie

Aoife McCrohan

George Cragg

Simon Russell


Roast Beef Productions

Fremantle, Candace Lewis: Candace.Lewis@fremantle.com



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