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The Liverpool Goalie

OT: Keepern Til Liverpool

Arild Andresen // Norway, 2010
Fiction Feature // FF2011



Jo’s life is not exactly ideal: Since his dad died, his mum is overprotective. She won’t even let him run downstairs, least of all allow him to play football. She also desperately tries to keep her affair with neighbour Steinar secret from her son. As if that wasn’t enough to cope with, school bully Tom Erik treats Jo like a slave. Then Jo meets beautiful and smart Mari and can no longer be bothered to do anyone’s homework but his own. When he gets hold of the one football card everyone wants to have, Jo has an idea how to get rid of Tom Erik.


Arlid Andresen has directed around 100 commercials since 1999 and won several awards for them. He also realised the Emmy-nominated TV-series The Gutta Boys. The Liverpool Goalie is his first feature film.



Keepern Til Liverpool

Fiction Feature





85 min


Arild Andresen

Lars Gudmestad

Asle van der Hagen, Susanne Boucher, Andrine Sæther, Kåre Conradi

Håkon Øverås, Karin Julsrud

Gaute Gunnari

Jon Endre Mørk

Aslak Hartberg

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