Tales from Kars

OT: Kars Öyküleri

Ozcan Alper, Zehra Derya Koc, Ulku Oktay, Ahu Ozturk, Emre Akay // Turkey, 2010
Fiction Feature // FF2010



Five stories from the Turkish city of Kars: 12-years-old Yusuf has to cycle miles every day to get to school. But he knows that he’ll catch a glimpse of Leyla. Nazli’s childhood is a period of her life she has never come to terms with. Then, with news of her mother’s death, she starts remembering everything. 7-years-old Zilo finds herself impressed by what her teacher has to say about Ankara. Setting herself the goal of going to the capital, Ozan, a student, returns to his village on receiving the news that his grandmother has died. Back in the village, he finds out a lot about the past of his father, an inwardly angry man. Celal Bey is a Kars farmer who uses traditional farming methods. But as someone who favours innovation in his everyday life, he decides to catch up with the times and hire an agricultural engineer.



Kars Öyküleri

Fiction Feature


Agenda 10//FF2010



78 min


Ozcan Alper, Zehra Derya Koc, Ulku Oktay, Ahu Ozturk, Emre Akay

Özcan Alper, Zehra Derya Koç, Ülkü Oktay, Ahu Öztürk, Emre Akay

Şebnem Köstem, Ayda Aksel, Birsu Demir, Ozan Bilen, Iskender Bağcılar

Başak Emre, Ahmet Boyacıoğlu

Özgür Eken

Çiçek Kahraman, Ulas Cihan SimSek

Sumru Agiryürüyen, Yuri Yedcanko

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