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Black Dogs Barking

OT: Kara Köpekler Havlarken

Mehmet Bahadir Er, Maryna Gorbach // Turkey, 2008
Fiction Feature // FF2009
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They’re young and always on the move. Selim and Çaça, who cruise the streets of Istanbul in their tuned car named “My Orange Angel”, want to open a parking lot near a large shopping mall. But their enemies also want a piece of the action and soon the two friends find themselves caught up in thedealings of the Turkish mafia, facing conflicts with the police. A violent drama, examining the mixture of poverty and macho culture.




Kara Köpekler Havlarken

Fiction Feature

Turkish, Farsi

Agenda 09//FF2009



90 min


Mehmet Bahadir Er, Maryna Gorbach

Mehmet Bahadir Er

Cemal Toktas, Volga Sorgu, Erkan Can, Taylan Ertugrul

Mehmet Bahadir Er

Sviatoslav Bulakovskyi

Maryna Gorbach

Alp Erkin Çakmak-Baris Diri

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