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OT: Kabullywood

Louis Meunier // France, Afghanistan, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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In the 1970s, the Aryub cinema was the most elegant in Kabul. It was a time of peace and joy that was swept away by civil war and tyranny. It is only thanks to the old projectionist Naser that the Aryub survived the destruction. A group of students decide to support the cinéaste and bring back the magic of “Kabullywood”. Full of enthusiasm, they begin renovating the cinema – but the project doesn’t go according to plan and has powerful enemies. With its Direct Cinema style, the mockumentary allows rare insights into a country caught between a liberal awakening and the constant threat of the Taliban.


LOUIS MEUNIER (*1978) has lived in Afghanistan since 2002 and was for three years a member of Kabul's Buzkashi team, a riding sport very popular in Afghanistan. Kabullywood is his first feature film.




Fiction Feature



France, Afghanistan


84 min

OV with English subtitles

Louis Meunier

Louis Meunier, Ariel Nasr, Laurent Maréchaux

Omid Rawendah, Roya Heydari, Ghulam Reza Rajabi, Qais Shaghasy, Naser Nahimi

Louis Meunier

Antoine Marteau

Thierry Bréant

Orange Blossom

Louis Meunier

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