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João Bénard da Costa - Others Will Love the Things I Loved

OT: João Bénard da Costa — Outros Amarão As Coisas Que Eu Amei

Manuel Mozos // Portugal, 2014
Documentary Feature // FF2015
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João Bénard da Costa (1935-2009) was for several decades one of the leading personalities of Portuguese film. For 18 years, he was director of Lisbon’s film museum, besides working as a writer, critic and actor, including appearances in some films by Manoel de Oliviera. The portrait explains how da Costa encountered literature and painting at an early age, before turning to film. It visits the places that were significant in da Costa’s life and shows excerpts from his favourite films, like Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Ordet or Nicholas Ray’s Johnny Guitar. Off camera, his son, whose voice greatly resembles that of his father, recites autobiographical texts that were found after da Costa’s death. A poetic homage to a great cineaste.


MANUEL MOZOS (*1959) has been editor, screenplay author or assistant director for many directors. Since 1989, he has been making his own films and since 2002 working in the Portuguese film archive.



João Bénard da Costa — Outros Amarão As Coisas Que Eu Amei

Documentary Feature





76 min

OV with English subtitles

Manuel Mozos

Manuel Mozos

Rui Alexandre Santos

Inês Duarte

Luís Nunes

Nuno Henrique

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