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OT: Iona

Scott Graham // United Kingdom, Germany, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015
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Her son Bull has committed a serious crime and Iona flees with him to the island where she grew up. Not everyone in the devoutly Christian community is happy about her return, as back then she had abandoned not only her home but also her faith. Iona is equally unenthusiastic. She and Bull nevertheless begin to integrate into island life. But his crime will not leave the boy alone and he longs for forgiveness. The past catches up with Iona too. Iona is a moving family drama, with sparse dialogue, but with gestures, looks and atmosphere that speak volumes.


SCOTT GRAHAM (*1965) is one of Scotland's most promising directorial talents. His debut Shell won the main prize at the 2012 Turin festival and was nominated as best newcomer at the 2014 British Academy Film Awards. Iona is his second film.



Fiction Feature



United Kingdom, Germany


85 min

OV with German subtitles

Scott Graham

Scott Graham

Ruth Negga, Ben Gallagher, Douglas Henshall, Tom Brooke, Michelle Duncan, Sorcha Groundsell

Margaret Matheson, Gunter Hanfgarn

Yoliswa von Dallwitz

Florian Nonnenmacher

Stephen Mason

Alexander Bohr (ZDF/Arte)

Bard Entertainments; Hanfgarn & Ufer; ZDF

Margaret Matheson, Bard Entertainments: margaret@bardentertainments.co.uk; Gunter Hanfgarn, Hanfgarn & Ufer: info@hu-film.de

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