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In meinem Herzen Schatz

OT: In meinem Herzen Schatz

Hans-Christoph Blumenberg // Germany, 1989
Fiction Feature // FF2010



Hans Albers – one of the really big stars in German film history. Even 40 years after his death (1960), the attractiviness of this actor and singer stays undiminsished. He was Der Sieger, Der Draufgänger, Münchhausen, all in an explosive mixture of zest for life, melancholy and irony. In almost 70 years he appeared in more than 150 Films. Hans, the blonde – whose songs are interpreted in the film by Ulrich Tukur in a very original manner – talks about his life. So do friends and fans who rembember. In partly unpublished aural and visual recordings he comes alive again.


Hans Christoph Blumenberg (*1947)studied history and German literature inCologne and Washington. 1984 he directed hisfirst film Tausend Augen and has been consideredone of Germany's most versatile directors.


In meinem Herzen Schatz

Fiction Feature


Rolle Rückwärts FFHSH//FF2010



86 min


Hans-Christoph Blumenberg

Hans-Christoph Blumenberg

Ulrich Tukur, Ilse Werner, Bernhard Weber

Ottokar Runze

Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein

Barbara Büscher-Grimm

Bernd Bellmann

Ottokar Runze Filmproduktion; ZDF

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