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In Her Place

OT: In Her Place

Albert Shin // Canada, Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2015
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Three nameless women whose fates are connected, somewhere in rural Korea: a mother and her pregnant teenage daughter and a woman from the big city who one day turns up at the mother and daughter’s farm. She cannot have children herself, but would like to adopt the girl’s child and share the final months of her pregnancy. For the grandmother-to-be, adoption is the best chance of avoiding the shame of an illegitimate child. The apparent win-win situation however quickly develops into a claustrophobic triangle fuelled by a poisonous dynamic of guilt and control mania.


ALBERT SHIN (*1986) grew up as the son of Korean immigrantsin Canada and studied film at York University. After his debut Point Traverse in 2010, In Her Place is his first film made in Korean and in Korea.



In Her Place

Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2015

Canada, Republic of Korea (South Korea)


116 min

OV with English subtitles

Albert Shin

Albert Shin, Pearl Ball-Harding

Yoon Da Kyung, Ahn Ji Hye, Kil Hae Yeon, Kim Sung Cheol, Kim Kyung Ik, Kim Chang Hwan, Moon Chang Gil

Yoon Hyun Chun, Albert Shin, Igor Drljaca

Moon Myoung Hwan

Albert Shin

Alexandre Klinke

Heo Seo Hyung, Choi Young Mi

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