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Criminal Impunity

OT: Impunidades Criminosas

Sol de Carvalho // Mozambique, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2014



Sara looks back on her life. She killed her husband Armando because she couldn’t take any more beatings from him. But her suffering didn’t end there. Armando continues to torment her at night in the form of an apparition. And Paixão is also looking for him. He’s the head of the gang Armando belonged to. When Paixão forces Sara to have sex with him under the guise of an ancient ritual, she kills him too. She ends up in prison, at odds with society but at peace with herself. Criminal Impunity has at its heart one of Mozambique’s problems: 90% of all women found guilty of murder were previously the victims of domestic violence.


Sol de Carvalho (*1953) is a former journalist, photographer and political activist against Portuguese colonial rule in Mozambique. He is seen as the country's most socially critical film-maker, making both documentaries and feature films.



Impunidades Criminosas

Fiction Feature





74 min

OV with English subtitles

Sol de Carvalho

Sol de Carvalho, based on a story by Maria José Artur

Esperança Naiene, Bresneve Matezo, Elliot Alex, Lucrécia Paco, Abdil Juma

Patrícia Faria, Marieta Manjate

Leonardo Simões

Fábio Ribeiro

Banda Positivo

Lucha D'Orey, Ana Lúcia Silva

Promarte; David & Golias

Sol de Carvalho, solcarvalho53@gmail.com

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