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Im Wahn

OT: Im Wahn

Klaus Brinkbäumer, Stephan Lamby // Germany, 2020
Documentary Feature // FF2020



DOCUMENTARY Chrononology of a current nightmare. The USA are experiencing several levels of catastrophe: no country has been harder hit by the Corona pandemic, million have lost their jobs. And in an election year, in which the president is fighting for his political survival. For the last four years, Donald Trump has divided American society, inciting different population groups against one another, making enemies of journalists. And during the crisis, his style of government has become even more hostile. Trump ignores facts, he lies and blames others. Even after the death of George Floyd, the president turned up the heat. Anything to be re-elected. Prize-winning authors Klaus Brinkbäumer and Stephan Lamby have observed Donald Trump and the dramatic election campaign since June 2019. Their film is a tense reflection of the explosive atmosphere in the USA, a gloomy chronology of current events.


KLAUS BRINKBÄUMER (*1967) is an award-winning journalist, author and former chief editor of Spiegel magazine. He has for many years been an expert on the USA, where he now also lives.STEPHAN LAMBY (*1959) has made several award-winning TV documentaries, e.g. about Helmut Kohl, Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble.


Im Wahn

Documentary Feature





90 min


Klaus Brinkbäumer, Stephan Lamby

Klaus Brinkbäumer, Stephan Lamby

Anthony Scaramucci, Sebastian Gorka, Jill Lepore, Heiko Maas, Susan Glasser

Stephan Lamby

Mathieu Mazza, Rob Massey, Rob Langhammer, Kevin McKinney, Knut Muhsik, Sam Parsons, Ralf Oberti

Thomas Weichler

Silke Olthoff

Dirk Neuhoff (NDR), Ute Beutler (RBB), Thomas Michel (SWR)

ECO Media TV-Produktion GmbH

ECO Media TV-Produktion

Julia Umlandt, ECO Media: lamby@ecomediatv.de

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