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Im Tunnel

OT: Im Tunnel

Kai Wessel // Germany, 2016
TV Series // FF2016
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After the violent death of her brother, Maren’s (Maria Simon) life is turned on its head. The police’s unenthusiastic investigations cause her to try and find the murderer herself. In doing so, she soon finds herself on the trail of what seems to be an internationally active gang of radioactive waste crooks. To her horror, she finds out that her husband Mehdi (Carlo Ljubek) also seems to be involved. Maren increasingly feels she’s being watched and confides in her friend (Jasmin Gerat). Are Maren and her family really in danger or is Maren herself in fact the threat?


Kai Wessel (*1961) in Hamburg. Numerous in part award-winning films for TV and cinema including Martha Jellnek (1988), Klemperer – Ein Leben in Deutschland (1999), Die Flucht (2006).


Im Tunnel

TV Series





88 min


Kai Wessel

Astrid Ströher

Maria Simon, Carlo Ljubek, Jasmin Gerat, Caroline Garnier, Tom Philipp, Patrick Heyn, Bern Tauber

Lisa Blumenberg

The Chau Ngo

Tina Freitag

Thomas Freundenthal

Caroline von Senden, Alexandra Staib

Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH

Sophie Danner, letterbox: sdanner@studio-hamburg.de

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