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The Legionnaire

OT: Il legionario

Hleb Papou // Italy, France, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



A Roman legionnaire of the 21st century: a multi-facetted portrait of an African-Italian policeman questions many certainties – including one’s own. Daniel works for the police in Rome. Respected by his colleagues and appreciated by his boss, he leads a bourgeois existence with wife and child. Another part of his family, however, lives on a squatted estate which is about to be cleared by the police. Daniel’s legion is also supposed to participate. Torn between different loyalties, he tries to do right by both sides.


HLEB PAPOU (*1991) was born in Belarus and has lived for two decades in Italy. The Legionnaire is his debut feature and won Best Direction at Locarno.



Il legionario

Fiction Feature



Italy, France


81 min

OV with English subtitles

Hleb Papou

Giuseppe Brigante, Emanuele Mochi, Hleb Papou

Germano Gentile, Maurizio Bousso, Marco Falaguasta, Félicité Mbezelé

Gabriella Buontempo, Massimo Martino, Antoine de Clermont, Tonnerre

Luca Nervegna

Giandomenico Petillo

Fabrizio Paterniti Martello, Fabrizio Franzini

Andrea Boccadoro

Virginia Vianello

Grazia Colombini

Giulia Fusaroli


Clemart; Mact Productions

Rai Cinema

Chiara Sortino, Fandango: sales@fandango.it


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