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Ich back mir einen Mann

OT: Ich back mir einen Mann

Andrea Katzenberger // Germany, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



“I can’t bake myself one!” is a single woman’s typical answer when asked when she’ll find herself a new man. Hanna (Nina Petri), widowed mother of 8-year-old Leonie (Laura und Sarah Bellini), works as an editor for children’s books. As Christmas approaches, she makes a very special dough. Her daughter’s faith in magic, combined with her own longing, a full moon and a thunder storm make the oven explode, and out comes Balthasar Blitz (Axel Milberg), the first self-baked man! A magical romantic comedy by an award-winning director.


ANDREA KATZENBERGER (*1962) is a director and screenplay writer who has been making films and TV series since the 1990s.


Ich back mir einen Mann

Fiction Feature





92 min


Andrea Katzenberger

Andrea Katzenberger

Nina Petri, Axel Milberg, Laura Bellini, Sarah Bellini

Nina Lenze, Andre Fahning

Arthur W. Ahrweiler

Monika Schuchard

Nikolaus Glowna, Siggi Müller

Zazie Knepper


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