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Days of Harvest

OT: I giorni della vendemmia

Marco Righi // Italy, 2010
Fiction Feature // FF2010
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1984. In the sultry, still sunny September of that Emilian rural district most soaked with catholicism and homegrown socialism, Elia lives with his parents: William, his father, who has got a strong ideological tendency to marxism, Maddalena, his mother, very prayerful, and his grandmother Maria. It is harvest time in the small vineyard next to home, so the days of harvest begin and in order to give some help in the field arrives also Emilia, the nearly grown-up granddaugther of an old couple living in Elia’s same small town.


Marco Righi (*1977)worked as a cutter for some years.Since 2009 he is working with the projekt"stanza505", a video-studio in Reggio Emiliana.Days of Harvest is his first feature film.


I giorni della vendemmia

Fiction Feature


Agenda 10//FF2010



75 min


Marco Righi

Marco Righi

Lavinia Longhi, Marco D'Agostin, Gian Marco Tavani, Maurizio Tabani

Simona Malagoli

Alessio Valori

Marco Righi, Arianna Bardizza

Roberto Rabitti

Giorgia Mandriani

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