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Dry Hot Summers

OT: Har... Gaf... Sayfan

Sharif El Bendary // Egypt, Germany, 2015
Short // FF2016



SHORT On a hot summer’s day, in a Cairo taxi the paths of Shawky and Doa cross. He’s a frail old man suffering from cancer on his way to a foreign specialist. She’s making the final arrangements for her wedding that evening. A friendship develops between these two people at completely different stages of their lives. In the summer heat of the congested, dusty metropolis, they spend a day together and discover their lives anew. A tragi-comic story and a portrait of a megacity on the brink of asphyxia.


Sherif El-Bendary (*1978) is a graduate of the Institute for Applied Arts in Cairo and startedwork as a textile engineer. He later studied film direction and today makesboth documentary and fictional shorts.


Har... Gaf... Sayfan




Egypt, Germany


30 min

OV with English subtitles

Sharif El Bendary

Nura El-Sheikh

Victor Credi

Ahmed Maher

mec film

subtype productions; Red Star

Irit Neidhardt, mec film: irit@mecfilm.de

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