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OT: Gooische Vrouwen

Will Koopman // Netherlands, 2011
Fiction Feature // FF2011
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The TV series Gooische Vrouwen is Netherlands answer to Sex and the City: Four women who live in the Gooi, where the sun always shines. Cheryl, Claire, Roelien and Anouk are happily facing their everyday trials and tribulations that look like they are out of a TV series… All seems going smoothly, but suddenly dark clouds are gathering above their lives: a self help workshop in Southern France seems the only way out .. Will the Gooi ever see its women again? This spin off for the big screen features TV tycoon Linda de Mol as Cheryl.


Will Koopman, (*1956) looks back on a long career as assistant director, director and line producer for cinema and TV. For almost a decade he worked for Endemol Nederland as Creative Director.



Gooische Vrouwen

Fiction Feature





105 min


Will Koopman

Frank Houtappels

Linda de Mol, Tjitske Reidinga, Susan Visser, Lies Visschedijk

John de Mol, Gijs van de Westelaken, Rachel van Bommel

Tom Erisman

Joseph Derksen

Marco Vermaas

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