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Letters Unsent

OT: Gönderilmemiş Mektuplar

Yusuf Kurçenli // Turkey, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



Yusuf Kurçenli’s drama centres on the tragic love story between Cem (Kadir Inanir) and Gülfem (Türkan Soray), set against a turbulent political background. Cem returns home to his dying father, having fled the area years ago andhad himself reported dead. Now, masked with his dead brother’s identity, he comes face to face again with Gülfem, his former love. Thinking Cem was dead, she married, and now has a daughter with her husband. But the past cannot be forgotten. A stormy melodrama about broken hearts, fate and the eternal power of true love, with the magical backdrop of Amasra on the Black Sea coast.



Gönderilmemiş Mektuplar

Fiction Feature




111 min

OV with German subtitles

Yusuf Kurçenli

Yusuf Kurçenli

Türkan Şoray-Kadir lnanir, Melike Demirağ, Suna Selen, Levent Yüksel

Nesteren Davutoğlu

Mehmet Aksin

Nesteren Davutoğlu

Atilla Özdemiroğlu

Selda Ülkenciler

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