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With a Girl of Black Soil

OT: Geomen Tangyi Sonyeo Oi

Soo-il Jeon // Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2007
Fiction Feature // FF2008



In the mining town of Kanwon, single father Hye-geon loses his job due to pneumoconiosis. Also, the loss of the family home is immanent due to a restructuring of the village. As Hye-geon turns to drink, his nine-year-old daughter Yeong-lim looks after her mentally disabled brother and tries to get medical aid for her father. But a diagnosis of pneumoconiosis does not suffice for hospital admittance. Then Yeong-lim remembers the rat poison… Set in the bleak beauty of winterly 198.



Geomen Tangyi Sonyeo Oi

Fiction Feature


Agenda 08//FF2008

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


89 min


Soo-il Jeon

Jung Soon-Yeoung, Jeon Soo-il

Yu Yun-mi, Jo Yung-jin, Park Hyun-woo

Jo In-sook, Franck-Nicolas Chelle, Clément Duboin

Kim Sung-tai

Suh Yong-duk

Gae Soo-jung

Lee Young-hun

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