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Danger Zones & other Hamburgensien

OT: Gefahrengebiete & andere Hamburgensien

Rasmus Gerlach // Germany, 2015
Documentary Feature // FF2015
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At the end of 2013, three major conflicts overlapped in Hamburg: the fight for the autonomous cultural centre Rote Flora, the disputes about the right to remain of the refugees from Lampedusa and the protests against the demolition of the ESSO tower blocks. Just before Christmas, the police used violence to break up a demonstration and the situation escalated. The police then set up so-called “danger zones”, activists from the area of St. Pauli, which had been particularly affected by this development, made toilet brushes their symbol of protest and organized a pillow fight on the Reeperbahn. Gefahrengebiete & andere Hamburgensien is the essay-like chronicle of a “hot winter”, the after-effects of which are still felt in the city today.


RASMUS GERLACH (*1963) studied visual communication at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. FILMFEST HAMBURG has already shown several of his films, most recently Gefahrengebiete & andere Hamburgensien (2015), Timewings (2016) and Der Gipfel – Performing G20 (2017).



Gefahrengebiete & andere Hamburgensien

Documentary Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2015



67 min

OV with German subtitles

Rasmus Gerlach

Rasmus Gerlach

Rasmus Gerlach

Ben Tepfer, Paul Kulms, Rasmus Gerlach

Elisabeth Hirsch

Hanne Darboven

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