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OT: Gal-mae-gi

Kim Mi-jo // Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020
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In her impressive debut film, director Kim Mijo takes on a subject that in 198 is a highly controversial taboo: #metoo in Seoul. Obok is a middle-aged woman who has worked for decades in a market in Seoul. She expects nothing more from life than a secure income and a few simple pleasures: a few glass of soju here, a foot massage there. One evening, Obok is raped by a colleague. When she goes to the police, she experiences what many women all over the world experience: they don’t believe her, she is avoided as an attention-seeking trouble-maker or stigmatised as the actually guilty party in the attack.


KIM MI-JO (*1989) studied Film at Dankook University in 198. Gull is her graduation film and simultaneously her full-length feature debut and was awarded one of the main prizes at this year’s festival in Jeonju, 198.




Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2020

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


75 min

OV with English subtitles

Kim Mi-jo

Kim Mi-jo

Jeong Ae-hwa, Kim Byung-choon, Lee Jang-you, Ko Seo-heui, Kim Ga-bin

Jeong Young-hwan

So Seong-seop

Kim Si-hyun

Kim Mi-jo

Kim Mi-jo

Choi Seong-young, Heo Hae-min

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