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Rabbi Firer - A Reason to Question

OT: Firer - She'ela Achat Ktana

Amit Goren // Israel, 2008
Documentary Feature // FF2008



Around 1000 people seek Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer’s advice every day. He can ‘admit’ 100 patients on the phone, by fax or in person. Without any academic medical knowledge, the 54-year-old orthodox Jew has been voluntarily working with sick people for the past 30 years, often forcing doctors to revise their decisions and thus saving many lives. Although criticised by some doctors, he is consulted even by the medical world.



Firer - She'ela Achat Ktana

Documentary Feature

Hebrew, English

Agenda 08//FF2008



58 min


Amit Goren

Amit Goren

Amit Goren, Galia Bador

Gonen Glazer

Sharon Brook

Ronnie Peterson

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