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Fire in the Blood

OT: Fire in the Blood

Dylan Mohan Gray // India, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2013



In 1996, it looked as though AIDS, while not beaten, could at least be successfully treated. But the new medicines were unaffordable for many people in the developing world, and most of them still are today. The Western pharmaceutical industry has blocked the patents and prevented companies, e.g. in India, from creating generic copies of the original drugs. Taking Africa as an example, Fire in the Blood shows with what energy the West controls the market, taking the death of thousands of AIDS sufferers into account for the sake of profit. And how people, governments and companies are trying to overcome this inhuman patent monopoly. Screening on 27.09. in attendance of: Dylan Mohan Gray (Director)


Dylan Mohan Gray studied history in Mumbai and worked as an AD on films by Fatih Akin, Peter Greenaway, Paul Greengrass, Deepa Metha and Mira Nair. Fire in the Blood is his debut feature as director.



Fire in the Blood

Documentary Feature


Drei Farben Grün//FF2013



84 min

OV with English subtitles

Dylan Mohan Gray

Dylan Mohan Gray

Dylan Mohan Gray

Jay J. Odedra

Dylan Mohan Gray, Christopher Seward

Ashutosh Phatak

Films Transit International

Sparkwater Productions (I) Pvt Ltd

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