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White God

OT: Fehér Isten

Kornél Mundruczó // Germany, Sweden, Hungary, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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In Hungary, the authorities introduce a tax for mongrels. Many owners react by taking their dogs to the pets’ home or abandoning them. 13-year old Lili fights desperately to keep her dog Hagen, but her father is adamant: he has to go. Now all by himself, Hagen fights for survival. When he joins up with a pack of other strays who are then rounded up, resistance among the dogs starts to grow. They begin a revolt against humanity and their revenge knows no pity. Under the title White God, the film won the main prize in the series Un certain regard at Cannes.




Fehér Isten

Fiction Feature



Germany, Sweden, Hungary


119 min

OV with English subtitles

Kornél Mundruczó

Kornél Mundruczó, Viktória Petrányi, Kata Weber, Michael Weber, Fredrik Zander

Zsófia Psotta, Sándor Zsótér, Lili Monori, Lili Horváth, László Gálffy, Ervin Nagy, Kornél Mundurczó

Viktória Petrányi, Eszter Gyárfás

Marcell Rév

Dávid Jancsó

Asher Goldschmidt

Márton Ágh

Delphi Filmverleih GmbH

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Proton Cinema

Michael Weber, The Match Factory: michael.weber@matchfactory.com

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