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OT: Feathers

Omar El Zohairy // France, Egypt, Netherlands, Greece, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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This Kafkaesque Egyptian tragicomedy tells of a failed magic trick which mirrors a society in upheaval. It was supposed to be a normal kids’ birthday party, but then a magic trick goes wrong and Mando’s authoritarian father turns into a chicken. The metamorphosis has an impact on the entire family: mother Rasha is suddenly forced to take on responsibility and Mando’s big bro has to go to work and earn money. Above all, Mando misses his Dad – but soon the question arises as to whether they’re not actually all better off with the chicken.


OMAR EL ZOHAIRY (*1988 in Kairo) studied film direction at the High Institute of Cinema in Cairo and was assistant director to Yosry Nasrallah and Ahmed Abdallah. Feathers was shown in the Semaine de la Critique section at Cannes where it won the main prize.

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Fiction Feature



France, Egypt, Netherlands, Greece


112 min

OV with German subtitles

Omar El Zohairy

Ahmed Amer, Omar El Zohairy

Demyana Nassar, Samy Bassouny, Fady Mina Fawzy, Abo Sefen Nabil Wesa, Mohamed Abd El Hady

Juliette Lepoutre

Kamal Samy

Ahmed Adnan, Julien Gonnord, Alexis Jung, Niels Barletta

Hisham Saqr

Assem Ali

Heba Hosny


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