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The Road

OT: Fang xiang zhi lu

Zhang Jiarui // People's Republic of China, 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2006



Li is a ticket conductor, Cui is a busdriver. He loves her but she loves a doctor. So, what’s the big story? Well, back in the 1970s when the cultur al revolution was raging in China, feelings for intellectuals were forbidden. The doctor – aka the intellectual – is sent off to a labour camp. 30 years later Li embarks on a journey for her lost love, in an epic of muted beauty and powerful emotions.



Fang xiang zhi lu

Fiction Feature


Agenda 06//FF2006

People's Republic of China


114 min


Zhang Jiarui

Zhang Jiarui, Yuan Daju

Zhang Jingchu, Fan Wei, Nie Yuan

Ling Li

Lin Liangzhong

Zhou Ying

Umebayashi Shigairu

Han Chunlin

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