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OT: Familia Rodante

Pablo Trapero // Argentina, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2004



31-year-old director Pablo Trapero’s work draws comparisons to Roberto Rossellini for his naturalistic but poetic style. Trapero’s own grandmother plays the lead role of an 85-year-old who sets off in a camper, accompanied by her extended family, to travel to a wedding in her home village. The trip serves Trapero as a background for a critical and amusing journey through a torn and politically troubled Argentina full of contradictions.


PABLO TRAPERO (*1971) is seen as one of Argentinian cinema's best story-tellers. In 2012, FILMFEST HAMBURG howed his film White Elephant. The Clan ran in competition in Venice and in Argentina attracted audiences of more than 500,000 in its first four days - a record for Argentinian cinema.


Familia Rodante

Fiction Feature





103 min


Pablo Trapero

Pablo Trapero

Liliana Capuro, Raul Viñoles, Graciana Chrioni, Bernardo Forteza

Hugo Castio Fau

Guillermo Nieto

Nicolas Goldbart

León Gieco

Sergio Urruti

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