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Exit... But No Panic

OT: Exit... Nur keine Panik

Franz Novotny // Germany, Austria, 1980
Fiction Feature // FF2005



Viennese crook and would-be playboy Kirchof dreams of owning his own coffee house and having lots of beautiful women. In order to reach his goal, he is sometimes compelled to leave the straight and narrow. Comedy, violence, sex and vandalism are the ingredients of this Austrian cult classic.



Exit... Nur keine Panik

Fiction Feature


Österreich Deluxe//FF2005

Germany, Austria


95 min


Franz Novotny

Franz Novotny, Gustav Ernst

Hanno Pöschl, Eddie Constantine, Isolde Barth, Georg Nenning

Günther Köpf

Alfio Contini

Eliška Stibrova

Otto M. Zykan

Angelika Kröber

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