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OT: Evolution

Kornél Mundruczó // Hungary, Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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What does it mean to be Jewish in Germany? Kornél Mundruczó and screenplay writer Kata Wéber used personal experiences to make a disturbingly moving, but also bitingly ironic triptych. 1945. A little girl is found in a gas chamber, having obviously survived by a miracle. Decades later in Budapest, Éva, already slightly senile, is asked by her daughter Léna about birth certificates and ID papers – but all the official documents she owns were forged to hide her Jewish identity. And then there’s Éva’s grandson Jonás in Berlin, who doesn’t know who or what he is, except that as a Jew he feels excluded at school. Éva, Léna and Jonás – three generations whose traumas find new expression in the present.



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KORNÉL MUNDRUCZÓ (*1975) is a theatre, film and opera director. His debut film Pleasant Days won the Silver Leopard at Locarno in 2002. In 2014, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed his film Underdog and in 2017 Jupiter's Moon.


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Fiction Feature

Hungarian, German


Hungary, Germany


97 min

OV with English subtitles

Kornél Mundruczó

Kornél Mundruczó, Katá Weber

Lili Monori, Annamária Láng, Goya Rego, Padmé Hamdemir, Jule Böwe

Viola Fügen, Michael Weber, Viktória Petrányi

Yorick Le Saux

Noemi Hampel

Dávid Jancsó

Dascha Dauenhauer

Judit Varga "Csuti", Albrecht Konrad

Sophie Klenk-Wulff, Melinda Domán

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