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The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz

OT: Ensayo De Un Crimen

Luis Buñuel // Mexico, 1955
Fiction Feature // FF2016



Between The Young and the Damned (1950)and Viridiana (1961) Luis Buñuel mademore than a dozen films of different genres in Mexico. With The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz,he entered thriller territory, but not without a generous portion of blackhumour. At the centre of the film stands charming, cultivated Archibaldo, whowould love to be a ladykiller – literally. Triggered by a musical box from hischildhood, he is overcome by the desire to kill whenever he is attracted to a woman.But Archibaldo can only kill in his imagination – because another, realmurderer always beats him to it.


Luis Buñuel (1900-1983) is one of the 20th century's most important film-makers, leaving his mark on 50 years of world cinema with films like Un Chien Andelou (1929), Viridiana (1961), The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972) or That Obscure Object of Desire (1977). The Spanish director lived and worked in Mexico between 1950 and 1965.



Ensayo De Un Crimen

Fiction Feature





89 min

OV with German subtitles

Luis Buñuel

Luis Buñuel, Eduardo Ugarte nach einer Vorlage von Rodolfo Usigli

Miroslava Stern, Ernesto Alonso, Rita Macedo, Ariadna Welter, Andrea Palma

Alfonso Patiño Gómez

Agustín Jiménez

Jorge Busto, Pablo Gómez

Jorge Pérez

Alianza Cinematográfica Española

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