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An Enemy To Die For

OT: En fiende att dö för

Peter Dalle // Sweden, Germany, Norway, Poland, 2012
Fiction Feature // FF2012



In 1912 Alfred Wegener developed the theory that all continents were originally connected to one another. In the Autumn of 1939, an expedition sets out to try and confirm Wegener’s idea. Accompanying the German expedition leader Friedrich (Axel Prahl) are his assistant Leni and 2 English and one Swedish scientist, along with the Norwegian ship’s captain and his Russian crew. At first the mood is relaxed, but with the outbreak of hostilities the scientists have to side with the one warring party or the other.As a British warship appears in the Arctic waters and Friedrich receives the order from Berlin to take over the ship, matters escalate.




En fiende att dö för

Fiction Feature

English, German, Russian, Swedish


Sweden, Germany, Norway, Poland


103 min


Peter Dalle

Peter Dalle

Richard Ulfsäter, Jeanette Hain, Axel Prahl

Patrick Ryborn, Michael Eckelt, Synöve Hörsdal, Maciej Grzywaczewski, Marianna Rowinska

Göran Hallberg

Jon Endre

Adam Nordén

Iris Trescher-Lorenz, Roger Rosenberg

MFA+ FilmDistribution

The Matchfactory

Fladen Film; Riva Filmproduktion GmbH; Maipo; ATM group SVT

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