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Emu Runner

OT: Emu Runner

Imogen Thomas // Australia, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2019
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Nine-year old Gem lives with her Aborigine family in a remote region of Australia. When Gem‘s mother dies suddenly, a wild emu helps her get through a difficult period. The emu is a mythical bird of her ancestors and, like Gem, a fast runner – ever forwards, never back. It’s a relationship for which she would do anything, but one that also brings her into conflict with a social worker.


IMOGEN THOMAS (*1970) is an Australian screenplay writer and director. She studied in New York and Adelaide. She had a big hit with her short Mixed Bag (2008). Emu Runner is her first full-length film.



Emu Runner

Fiction Feature





95 min

German overvoice

Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas

Rhae-Kye Waites, Wayne Blair, Maurial Spearim, Stella Carter, Rob Carlton, Georgia Blizzard, Mary Waites, Lindsay Waites, Letisha Boney, Rodney McHughes

Imogen Thomas, Victor Evatt

Michael Gibbs

Nicole Norelli, Jenny Hicks

Ben Fink, Peter Michael Davison, Glenn Skuthorpe

Lissa Coote

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