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Emma and Daniel

OT: Emma och Daniel - Mötet

Ingela Magner // Sweden, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



Since the death of her mother 12-year-old Emma has been living alone with her father Anders up in the north of Sweden. In that secluded region the mail is brought by helicopter. Emma still mourns her mother and is not enthusiastic at all when her father gets to know a woman through an ad: Sara from Stockholm. As if that was not already enough, Anders has even invited Sara – and she brings along her 12-year-old son Daniel. The city boy shows more interest in his laptop than in expeditions into the wilderness. Daniel is shocked by the news that electricity has not reached each and every part of Sweden and Emma cannot imagine that someone has never fished before. It seems both have not much in common. A trip with the old fisherman Isak to his even more secluded hut changes everything, because all of a sudden Emma and Daniel are on their own: The old man has passed away. Thus the two of them depend on each other to master the long and adventurous walk home.



Emma och Daniel - Mötet

Fiction Feature





85 min


Ingela Magner

Ingela Magner, Mats Wahl

Maria Gidlöv, Stasse Soulis, Marie Richardson, Örjan Landström

Lennart Dunér, Peter Kropénin

Mats Olofson

Clas Lindberg

Kevin Turesson, Jens Lindgard

Madeleine Lundberg

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