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Silence is a Falling Body

OT: El silencio es un cuerpo que cae

Agustina Comedi // Argentina, 2017
Documentary Feature // FF2018
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DOCUMENTARY After the death of her father, director Agustina Comedi sets out to find out who he really was – and discovers unknown sexual and political activism.When her father Jaime dies, Agustina Comedi is suddenly confronted with the leftovers of a life. Besides the usual vestiges, Jaime left more than 100 hours of personal video material. He seem to have filmed everything, even his own death. Agustina wants to better understand her father, but it soon becomes clear how many secrets he had. The video material raises questions about desire, sexuality and freedom. For Agustina, it is the start of a journey back to her childhood – and soon her own past takes on a political dimension.


AGUSTINA COMEDI (*1986) was born in Argentina and works as a director and screenplay writer. Silence is a Falling Body is her first documentary film.



El silencio es un cuerpo que cae

Documentary Feature





75 min

OV with English subtitles

Agustina Comedi

Agustina Comedi

Juan Maristany

Agustina Comedi

Valeria Racioppi

Juan Maristany

Kino Rebelde

El Calefón

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